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Fishing Rod

The worldwide pastime of fishing is a great family sport and great fun no matter what type of fishing you want to do or what species of fish you are looking to catch.

Looking for the perfect rod? You have come to the right place. American Legacy Fishing carries the world's largest G. Loomis inventory. Also, with a large selection of rods from 13 Fishing, Daiwa, Dobyns, and Shimano, we are your onestop shop for all things fishing.

We offer FREE same-day shipping on orders over $200 and ship anywhere in the world. Not sure what you need? feel free to contact us at and one of our pro-staff will be glad to assist and make sure you get the rod you need.

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  1. G. Loomis Top Water Casting Rods

    Starting at: $245.00

    If you're one of those anglers that just grab whatever light-action rod you have for your top water fishing, you're going to love these new rods. G. Loomis Topwater Series Casting Rods will improve your success because they are designed to do one thing... fish top water baits the way they were made to be fished. Add to this the G.Loomis legendary light weight and performance and you've got a winning combination for top water. G. Loomis Topwater Series Casting Rods are well-balanced, top water casting rods, designed with a unique mid-tip flex for exceptional accuracy and lure control. The tips are soft, yet surprisingly powerful. All it takes is a quick flick of the wrist to launch even the lightest baits. The butt-sections have plenty of power for moving big fish away from trouble, even in heavy cover. The G. Loomis Limited Lifetime Warranty in included with every rod. All Made in the USA.

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  2. Circa 389-4
  3. Circa 489-4
  4. Circa 589-4
  5. Sage Circa Freshwater Fly Rods
  6. Shimano Big Game Type J Jigging Spinning Rods
  7. Castaway Skeleton 6'5" Medium Wader Special Saltwater Rod SKXSRW65M
  8. G. Loomis Top Water Fishing Rod TWR773C-1

    Out of stock

    G. Loomis Top Water Fishing Rod TWR773C-1 is a great rod for fishing in and around heavy cover with medium to large topwaters. It has a unique mid-tip flex design, giving you excellent accuracy and lure control. The length allows you to work "walking" baits with rod tip down for better control and there's still plenty of power in the butt-section to handle oversized surprises. Here's a rod with a lot of topwater applications... medium to large prop baits, big chuggers and stick baits.

    TWR 773C Handle

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  9. Shimano Game Type J 6'5" Medium Jigging Spinning Rod GTYPJS652

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